Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tuesday, September 15, 2009, Mel released his first single "The Message," a response to Jay-Z song "Sweet" off the American Gangster album via various blog sites such as,, With much positive response from these blog site audience, no wonder why Jay-Z could not do interviews in the past without inquiry on his nephew Mel.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY before settling down in West Orange, NJ-- Mel chose the path to become a rapper. Mel recalls listening to his uncle Jay and absorbing Jay's every movement, lyrics and bar. By 1997, after watching his uncle Jay-Z "Ain't No N****" video, Mel began to focus on turning his poetry into music. He never spoke much about his passion for writing until he turned 16 and told his cousins Spank and Fly Rah about one day stepping into the studio. Little did he know, they were on the same trek and decided to form their label, Natural Born Hustlaz Entertainment.

Despite the fact that Jay-Z does not recommend rapping to his nephews, Mel believes this is his path in life. During his November 2007 interview, Mel stated "he [Jay-Z] doesn't suggest it at me. At the end of the day, it is my decision. I'm a man now. I figured that he didn't want me to go through all the bullsh*t. I feel like he was protecting me." In the April 2008 issues of Right On! and XXL magazines, Mel discussed his future goals for the rap game and how he will deal with the scrutiny of being Jay-Z's nephew. And during his interview on September 13, 2009- Mel relived his fondest childhood memory growing up with Jay-Z during Lisa Evers "Street Soldiers."

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