Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yelawolf is DOPE

White boy from Alabama.....CRAZY! Don't believe me download the mixtape.....


My reaction to Trey Songz new album.....

Purchased this for my mother's 49th birthday. But you know I had to crack it open and listen. The album started off very strong. I was lost at the first interlude. But Im getting ahead of myself. The intro started with this epic beat. But it only played for about 30 secs and had no lyrics. (That threw me off) Im kind of upset at the way this project was rushed. It seemed like they were just trying to capitalize off of the momentum from "Ready". Instead of creating new anticaption for this album. DOnt get me wrong this album definitely has its high points but the format isnt a intriguing as "Ready" with the EPIC preludes and the hard hitting ballads. Trey Songz is very consistant with the club anthems tho. Bottoms Up is perfect for the club as well as Alone. Maybe this album will have to grow on me. #swag


Dude, Ive been searching everywhere for what the heart with eyes clothes saw Wale, Drake, and some other artist rocking it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Merriam-Websters Definition of "GangShit"

Gangshit. (N. Gengsheit) A term used to described shared sentiments of a collective. Similar ideologies as well common goals. The “I” in represent the metaphorical 3rd eye meaning a connection between what we call reality and the spiritual realm.



Friday, September 10, 2010