Thursday, June 3, 2010

Iamsu!-Su! The Right Thing Mixtape

ATTENTION BAY AREA(insider) Im dropping my 6th mixtape/street album. This is very exciting for me beause its all original music. I've been blessed to be able to put out so much music in such a short span of time and Im appreciative of all the supprt I;ve recieved. As far as features and production wise I'm pretty much keeping it in the HBK family. While I anticipate collaborating with Erk Tha Jerk, London, and a few others. This is a return to my "I AM SU! 3" mixtape because it will feature only original music. It will also mark my first official release under the name "Iamsu!" i had to change my name slightly in order to be found easier. I came up with the title in a dream...I woke up out of my sleep and heard "SU! the right thing" instantly my mind went to work. This title means a lot to me because for so long I have been written off as a joke or not taken serious as an artist. Even in this early stage of my career I've experiance the bullshit and politics that come with mild success. But I still believe that I am the right thing.

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