Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Music! Loverance,Iamsu!,Skipper-Up(CDQ)(Prod.By The Invasion)

Download Here: LoveRance ft.Iamsu!,Skipper-Up!(CDQ).mp3


  1. This sh!t right here.. this sh!t right hereee, niKKa'hhhhh!!!!!.... this sh!t is the sh!t!!!! absolutely mutha'mC'lovin_LOVE this track/heater right'chirrr boyeeeeee!!!!!!!! MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR PROPS &LOVE for this track! CalBears:will be requesting this song all day/all night on 106kmel.com

  2. too bad its clipped and sounds distorted, I made a nice clean version of it by converting one of the YT vids of the song